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The World's Top Ten Newspapers

10. Daily Telegraph (British)

❶You will read information not usually found in other newspapers.

10. The Daily Telegraph:

1. The Guardian (UK)
2. The Wall Street Journal (USA)
9. The Times of India (Indian)

Its website has been named as the Best Newspaper for three years: For such marvelous performance, it has been placed 4th amongst the Top 10 most read newspapers of the world. The New York Times is an American daily newspaper launched in Its daily circulation apart from Sunday is approximately 1. It has won an amazing number of Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper. Launched in , the Daily Mail is a British newspaper. It has a total readership of a massive The bulk of its readership is from online readers who form an enormous proportion of approximately Its daily circulation is around 1.

The Daily Mail was the first British newspaper to sell a million copies. Your email address will not be published. Top 10 Mythological Monsters. Top 10 Unusual Fruits. Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies for Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the United States.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Top Geek October 28, 0 Comments. Health Top 10 Unusual Fruits. Top Geek October 15, 0 Comments. Sky Lister February 14, 0 Comments. Ravi Krishnamurthy September 5, 0 Comments. Movies Top 10 Most Emotional Movies. Hamza Arif September 4, 0 Comments. Hamza Arif August 9, 0 Comments. Wildlife Top 10 Fastest Animals in the World. Mariam Ibrahim July 21, 0 Comments. Its total circulation daily is said to be about 1,, The newspaper has always been the centre of controversies.

It is a Japanese based English daily newspaper that mainly operates in Asia and Japan. It was first published in the year It is a rather left-leaning newspaper and has morning edition and evening editions. It is one amongst the five national newspapers in Japan and ranks second in terms of circulation in Japan, behind Yomiuri Shimbun. This is a business focused daily newspaper, found in It has won 39 Pulitzer Prizes.

It has over 2, journalists across 51 countries and records over 2,, circulations daily. It is published in many sections including marketplace, money and investing, personal journal, review and mansion. It also brings out a luxury magazine called WSJ Magazine internationally. It is an American daily that was founded in , making it one of the oldest extant newspapers.

About journalists work for this newspaper that is published from Washington, D. It records daily circulation of about , daily and almost the double on Sunday that comes with special sections like Outlook, Art, Travel, TV Week and the Washington Post Magazine.

It is a Chinese daily owned by the Communist Party of China. It is the biggest newspaper group in China and records a worldwide circulation of about 3 to 4 million daily. It publishes the views and policies of the Party and is considered to be the most authoritative newspaper in China. It also publishes trade journals, cosmopolitan titles and business newspapers.

It has won more than any other news organization, Pulitzer Prizes. About 1, journalists work for this new organization which sees a circulation of about 1,, daily all over the world. It was the first British paper to sell a million copies a day.

It is first in its kind to provide a newspaper for women with features especially for them. It has Conservative political alignment and was had a great impact with respect to mass education in the initial years.

9. The Times of India:

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21 rows · Top newspapers by circulation. This list below shows paid newspaper dailies by circulation worldwide. The data is compiled from WAN-IFRA's World Press Trends report.

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The more society is developed the more means of communication are required. Among means of communication, newspapers play an important role in our life. We are pleased to .

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Newspaper Rankings: top Newspapers in the World by Web Ranking. Top Newspapers in the world by web ranking. Link to it ♥ Newspaper Web Rankings Top Newspapers in the World: Top Newspapers in the world by the Newspaper Web Ranking. 1 The New York Times: us: 2 The Guardian: gb: 3 The Daily Mail: gb. These Are the Best English Newspapers in the World. Since then, The Guardian has grown to become one of the web’s top resources for daily news. With over 50 million unique visitors per month, the Guardian’s online readership is even larger than The New York Times.

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United States Newspapers by State. Top U.S. Newspapers, searchable newspaper archives, U.S. news archives. What is the best newspaper in the world that provides unbiased information on world affairs? Update Cancel. You would be hard pressed to find a source for the entire world. Many, if not all, newspapers will obviously focus on their country or region first, then if they have resources, cover the rest of the world. Newspapers are written.