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❶To many students, writing a current event paper is not a hard task. This website has helped so much!!

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Junior and senior high school educators for the purpose of teaching research, writing, and editing skills often assign current events summaries. Below are steps to help you create a current events essay: Choose a reputable news source.

Look for a source that offers well-written and well-researched news. Choose an article that is fresh since the assignment is to write about a current event. In addition, choose an article on the correct topic and make sure that the article gives enough information. Prepare to write the summary by reading the entire article. Make sure that you understand what the article says since you need to write a summary of the news story. Try to recount the article after reading it in order to figure out the main idea of the article.

Read the article again to ensure that you did not miss any important point. Write your topic sentence that is the main idea of the article. The events in the article by Witsil and Schmitt showed the feelings of the mother of Ronnie Greene, the victim and his uncle Hayden to have forgiven Abraham, the killer of Ronnie, from the killing of Ronnie.

This event is consistent with the theory of structural functionalism since they want to move on in life for the survival of their families. The institution of the families of the killer and victims will have to overcome the event of killing, trial and eventual release for their own survival. If they will not understand each other, society will not grow and overcome challenges for survival. A functional analysis will therefore reveal the role played by each member of society.

Wikipedia however admitted of limitations of structural-functionalism. These include is its inability to account for social change as it focuses so intently on social order and equilibrium in society, its failure also to explain the cause of those effects and the preservation of the status quo, where some opponents to structural-functionalism paint that conflict and challenge to the status quo as harmful to society. These limitations appear to have confirmation by the attitude of mother of the victim and his uncle Hayden to just forgive the child Paraphrasing made.

Forgiving means elimination of the conflict by the acceptance of what happened legally and emotionally. Conflict Theory Another theory that finds application is the conflict theory which argues that society is not about solidarity or social consensus but rather about competition. Under said concept, society is made up of individuals competing for limited resources e. Moreover it is viewed that some people and organizations have more resources i.

The lack of forgiveness coming from Edwards and the younger brother Chris for the killer and blaming the parent by Edward for not doing something to have disciplined Abraham and which discipline could have prevented what happened to the child is an indication that Edward and her brother want change to happen in society.

They feel that the system of law is not enough to serve the end of justice because of the feeling of bitterness that they still have towards Abraham who has not shown any remorse of conscience or rehabilitation after 10 years. They see dysfunctions in society without a true retribution. Wikipedia explained that the conflict theory was developed in part to illustrate the limitations of structural-functionalism, which argued that society tends toward equilibrium or focuses on stability at the expense of social change.

This seeming deficiency of the theory is contrasted with the conflict approach, which argues that society is constantly in conflict over resources Paraphrasing made. In the events found in the article by Witsil and Schmitt , we could thus see the opposing positions of the mother and the uncle as against the younger Edward and Chris.

The older ones the mother and the uncle of the victim have understood what happened although it is painful; they have forgiven the killer, Abraham.

This would really starts their emotional healing hence society continues to go on in life. For younger people Edward and Chris there was difficulty to forgive by their demanding accountability from the parents. While the first group tries to preserve the status quo, the younger generations see inequality, conflict, exploitation and exercise of power by those wielding it as they are more idealistic in their view to see that things are changeable.

The positions of Edward and Chris may be explained by the following primary assumptions of modern conflict theory: Competition over scarce resources is at the heart of all social relationships. Competition rather than consensus is characteristic of human relationships. Inequalities in power and reward are built into all social structures. Individuals and groups that benefit from any particular structure strive to see it maintained. Change occurs as a result of conflict between competing interests rather than through adaptation.

Change is often abrupt and revolutionary rather than evolutionary. The realities of the assumptions of the modern conflict theory are indeed present in the events described in the article by Witsil and Schmitt Edward and her younger brother Chris demanding that Abraham should show some regret and remorse is virtually asking compensation in the sense that the killer should feel the pain of committing an error in society. They thought that other people need to change. They see the inequality of what could good parents like their mother could be responsible and the mother of Abraham who was irresponsible since she has allowed her child Abraham to have that behavior.

Again conflict theory still has limitations and one of which is that it overlooks the stability of societies. It argues that while societies are in a constant state of change, much of the change is minor and that many of the broader elements of societies remain remarkably stable over time, indicating the structural-functional perspective has a great deal of merit Wikipedia, Paraphrasing made.

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May 18,  · Current Events Research Paper Topics with Research Links. Updated on August 4, more. Virginia has been a university English instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. How are smart phones changing U.S Current events every day tell us about people who have been harmed Reviews:

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Current Issues and Events Essay. The Essay. Since essay writing is at the heart of primary and secondary composition curriculum, this manual will not detail in depth this particular form of discourse. Hundreds of textbooks are available that can outline and describe it far better than we can here.

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Writing essay on current event is not a hard task to do for many students. What is of paramount importance is to read the articles you have provided or analyze the subject to review and later express your own understanding. Essay on current event need one to be very original on their argument. Free current event essay papers, essays, and research papers.

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This paper seeks to write a summary of the conclusions of the authors of the newspaper article titled “Victim’s family learns to cope as Abraham prepares for release. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Current Event Paper.