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❶Mainly because I have worked with 3 of the females there and I only liked one, and as I mentioned, she is soon retiring. Sign Up or Login to comment.

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Last summer, they tried me on, I can't remember the name, but I was told to take it before bed. That was an understatement. I pretty much needed to take it while I was in bed because it put me out immediately!!! And by morning I was fucked! I could barely walk from the parking lot to the library about a 5 minute walk without thinking about stopping somewhere for a nap!

I missed many classes! And would fall asleep on benches and in the library from around 9am to 1 or 2 pm! The sad thing is that the medication was pretty helpful!

My mood was pretty good, I felt really good! But that was only after the affects would ware off, and they wouldn't completely until about 6pm! I have lightened my course-load! I am taking 4 classes I have to for fear of not receiving the funds I need to be able to pay for school.

Yes, I did withdraw from school all together last Spring so I could start getting back on track, but I haven't quite gotten there! Everything you said has been very helpful, and again I appreciate you taking the time to share! As the director of counseling and psychological services at the U of Virginia, his specialty is working with young adults in a college setting. It's relevant to what you're going through. Member 8 years on site 59 posts. I'm in school too and have had similar problems with anxiety affecting my schoolwork.

I just started trying different things for it and some have actually been helping me. Taking a lot of little breaks to tell myself that everything is going to be OK, I can do it, etc.

Or I'll take a longer break in the middle of my homework and do something active to take my mind off of school and release the nervous energy. I'm hoping that eventually I'll have to do these less and less and I'll just stay calm throughout. New Member years on site. My daughter is 13, and she's having a horrible time with homework. We're trying to get her into a homebound program.

She's already missed so much and is so far behind that there is little chance she could get caught up. I have sat with her while she's tried to do her homework and even with me there, it took her an hour to do 2 algebra 1 problems.

But then, she had an up day where she decided to do her math without telling me. What she told me later was that she would do a set number of math problems, then go online for 5 minutes and look for websites she'd like to check out and bookmark it for when she got done. I am in School for the first time in 13 years and I have trouble with Math too. I have a great teacher that will work through problems you encountered on the assignments at the begining of class.

If I get stuck I will just skip over it and either ask a classmate or my professor how to do it. It takes me forever to do homework too.

I hope things get easier. Share this with your friends. I'm prescribed mg of lithium every 12 hours and I have noticed. Just be patient and take the time to talk to her and find out what the real problem is.

The best thing to do is support her. Don't make her feel like she is taking to long. The best thing is she is trying to get her homework done. If you want her to go faster you can ask her teacher Give the teacher a call and tell her to help her at recess. Also you can help her to understand the questions. Read them over with her and ask her if she understands it, try to re-word it. If she still isn't understanding give her an example of the question.

Get her a tutor now. She doesn't get it and she is at the age where it's most important. Yeah she might be able to get by without knowing calculus but she needs to know the basics for every day life. I know she probably isn't quite that far yet but if she is struggling you need to get her help.

Sometimes kids just naturally take longer to do stuff like that. It's possible she has some form of problem A. I know a girl in middle school who can be up until one in the morning doing simple math problems.

It's not that she can't do it, she just likes to dilly-dally. You may want to get her checked out with a doctor to see if it's possible that she may suffer from some disorder or other. Sit with her and help her with the homework, you have to be Mom and tutor. Maybe she just isn't getting it right away. Some kids have a really hard time with math and if it's taking her that long and she is crying then you really do need to sit and help her each night until she can do it alone.

You need to get her a tutor. My seven yr old son has had one for two years and it is great. From what you said, it sounds like she knows how to do it, she just needs a little guidance and fact is us moms just don't always have enuf time in our day. Tutoring programs at the school are free here in VA. They also get a free snack, drink and sometimes treats for good marks.

Look into it now before she just quits trying all together. Homework doesn't do anything for children but eat up their precious playtime, which is essential for proper development. Homework is more about schools looking good than children learning, otherwise they'd throw it out.

I figure the extra time I take with the reading and writing, I compensate in other areas. The same goes for you. You might be able to problem solve in a nano second. You might be surprised by how much time you are really spending on the task. Then when the timer goes off, grab some water, stretch your legs and come back. This keeps your brain fresh and helps beat procrastination. Perhaps you could spend more time planning or drawing a mind map. Maybe you can talk into a recorder or use speech recognition software like Dragon.

The best thing to do would be to email your friend and give them this link to the article: Alternately, if you receive our Working with ADHD newsletter where our articles also run, you can forward your favorite articles to your friends just by forwarding through your email program. Thank you EEdee, for the great suggestion.

We will be sure to bring it up to our web support guy. What do you think, Mark? Oh, yes, I almost forgot — you can also share via Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin by clicking on the icons at the top of each article. Months 1 — 9 — just a regular photographer Months 9 — 12 — began managing equipment for our territory under the direction on my photo manager Months 13 — 22 — continued with equip. By this time I was a very close right hand to my photo manager.

I did hiring paperwork, helped with background checks, he consulted with me on certain decisions he was making about scheduling and staff, he delegated a lot more to me. In this time, that photo manager was a one directive delegate with me. I was always successful because every task I was given was broken down. Then the unthinkable happened. His position was eliminated. Our territory manager would become our direct supervisor, mind you, he was NEVER hands on with anything we did.

He was more hands on with the accounts, sales and internal operations than anything else. The list goes on with other tasks I had to take on. So I was given the goal required and had to figure out the tasks to accomplish said goal. Needless to say, from months 31 — 38 my performance began to slip. My love for my job grew in one way, but declined in another. I was failing, and I was more than feeling it. The short story long is this:

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I am in School for the first time in 13 years and I have trouble with Math too. I have a great teacher that will work through problems you encountered on the assignments at the begining of class. If I get stuck I will just skip over it and either ask a classmate or my professor how to .

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When I was at school, it would take me much longer to do my homework than my siblings or friends. They would be outside playing and I would still be in my bedroom doing the homework. My dyslexia means reading and writing take me much longer than other people. However, I am speedy in other activities.

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Homework is especially hard for me and I kinda blame that on my parents. My parents didn't have the patients for the time it took for me to finnish and assignment, or with how much I struggled with writing. Also there was a time when this girl, who doesn't do much than 30 minutes of homework a night, ask me if she could borrow my folder in spanish so she can erase all of my name and write hers for binder check. I told her that it would take a long time to replace all of my names because there is .

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It takes me a very long time to do my homework, any tips to help me complete it faster? Log in or Sign up. Sign chat rooms for homework help for a free 30min personal tutor trial with Chegg Tutors. no me and strawb3rry go to the same school and we have LOOOTTT of homework!!! on time we had to do a whole rough draft for homework!!! even when I do how for like 2 hours and donmt take a break, im STILL not done!!! its just our teachers, trust me.