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❶The article discusses ways to ensure the success of market segmentation. Hence, marketers in India are increasingly turning to market research agents to assess consumer needs and desires and then formulate marketing plans and programmes to meet unmet demand.

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Major areas of marketing research
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Research in this area attempts to expand the knowledge on the financial impact of marketing actions and the effect of these strategic .

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(iv) Types of Marketing Research: Types of marketing research are the four strategic areas of marketing-mix: (а) Product (b) Price (c) Promotion (d) Distribution. Under Promotion, we have five subdivisions. Personal Selling, advertising, publicity, sales promotion and public relations. (v) Objectives of Marketing Research: 1.

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Research Areas. Real-time, personalized marketing guidance from vision through execution. Find the answers you need with objective advice rooted in research, peer-driven insights & data to help inform your marketing strategy & execute with confidence. The article discusses a number of major areas identified by marketing professionals as crucial areas of study in the field. According to the author, pricing and management decisions surrounding price setting is one of the central marketing problem in business at the time of publication. The author.

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Major areas of marketing research The two major types of market research are Consumer market research and Business to Business (B-to-B) market research. The easiest way to define the division between the two is to identify the type of end user of the product and not in the product itself. The marketing industry can offer a number of areas to specialise in including research, communications, brand management, direct, PR, advertising and strategy.