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What is mean by Cell spacing?

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❶Because of the force of attraction between oppositely charged particles, there is a small dipole-dipole force of attraction between adjacent HCl molecules.

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What does space telescope mean? This usually refers to a telescope that is actually located outside of the earths atmosphere. What does it mean when she said that she needed space? When she said that she needed space, it is likely to mean one oftwo things. Either she has something going on in her life that sheneeds or wants to deal with on her own, without any distractions,or she is fobbing you off.

The only way to know for sure which oneof these it is, is to talk to her. What are intermolecular spaces? Every particle has empty space or voids between each other called intermolecular or interparticle spaces What does axis mean in space? Orbit is a term meaning the rotation of an object on an axis, or the particular rotation something makes. The term orbit is used for describing the manner in which planets rotate on their axis, and more! What does green space mean? A green space is somewhere that has plants and grass and is mostly green because most nature plants are green.

What does sacred space mean? Sacred Space - a place where worship services are held on a regular basis. Until about 20 years ago weddings between a Catholic and member of the Jewish faith were married in a Unitarian Church For the Catholic party, it qualified as Sacred Space For the Jewish party, there were no statues -- to them, a violation of the first commandment.. The reasoning behind this was that a wedding between two Jewish individual's usually took place in a reception hall, whereas a marriage between two Christians usually took place in a Church Sacred Space.

What does the term space mean in geography? What does a man mean when he needs space? He means he wants to play some video games and your nagging ass isn't letting him. Jesus Christ Stop Breathing down his neck. It meant that I could study at night if I wanted or needed to.

It meant that I wasn't comfortable at all when she was trying to control me all the time. I couldn't get out anymore without her permission, or without her coming along.

Going for a swim with some friends? Impossible in her eyes. When a guy says he needs some space, normally he just needs some space.

Don't assume that he's cheating on you, or that he doesn't love you anymore. If you give him some space, there is a good chance that he won't even take it. But if you refuse, you might choke him What does personal space mean? When a discussion takes place bitween two person.

If it is formal meeting. An appropriate distance should be maintained during the meeting. If it is informal meeting appropriate distance should be maintained and ensures the privacy of other person space should be adhered.

What does having your own space mean? What does syber space mean? The term is "Cyberspace". Cyberspace is a metaphor for describing the non-physical terrain created by computer systems. Online systems, for example, create a cyberspace within which people can communicate with one another via e-mail , do research, or simply window shop.

Like physical space, cyberspace contains objects files, mail messages, graphics, etc. Unlike real space, though, exploring cyberspace does not require any physical movement other than pressing keys on a keyboard or moving a mouse. Some programs, particularly computer games, are designed to create a special cyberspace, one that resembles physical reality in some ways but defies it in others.

In its extreme form, called virtual reality , users are presented with visual, auditory, and even tactile feedback that makes cyberspace feel real. The term was coined by author William Gibson in his sci-fi novel Neuromancer What does the element space mean in art?

In art the term space refers to the actual space between objects, and it also refers to implied space, like what can be achieved in a perspective drawing. What does it mean to double or single space? It is a type of format usually on Word program. Double space is when every single time you type a new row, it will space twice like this example. Hi this is my double space example. Do you see how it is spaced twice between each line?

This is my single space example. There is only one line between each sentence or row. What do the teachers mean by double spaced? To out in a form where the parts of or sentences are spaced twice. Jim went to school He wanted to play By fafalone , February 19, in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. What is the nature of the space between molecules, such as in air in in water? Is it a true vacuum, or is the presence of neutrinos not negligible in considering its properties. Since water in biology is usually full of ions, I would imagine it would be hard to find spaces for all the flowing electrons.

The problem with air would be temperature and molecular movement. I'd imagine a structure like a real cold diamond might be best for having stable voids between the molecules. Metals pass electrons between the molecules and warm molecules bump. I don't know if it has been calculated yet the amount of neutrinos per square amount of molecular space there are around us. Since diamonds are so dense there should be a great deal of neutrino collision debris inside a diamond.

It seems pretty difficult to sustain a void space or ideal vacuum between molecules for very long. The prefix intra - comes from the Latin stem meaning "within or inside. The bonds between the neighboring water molecules in ice are called intermolecular bonds , from the Latin stem meaning "between.

The intramolecular bonds that hold the atoms in H 2 O molecules together are almost 25 times as strong as the intermolecular bonds between water molecules.

All three modes of motion disrupt the bonds between water molecules. As the system becomes warmer, the thermal energy of the water molecules eventually becomes too large to allow these molecules to be locked into the rigid structure of ice. At this point, the solid melts to form a liquid in which intermolecular bonds are constantly broken and reformed as the molecules move through the liquid. Eventually, the thermal energy of the water molecules becomes so large that they move too rapidly to form intermolecular bonds and the liquid boils to form a gas in which each particle moves more or less randomly through space.

The difference between solids and liquids, or liquids and gases, is therefore based on a competition between the strength of intermolecular bonds and the thermal energy of the system. At a given temperature, substances that contain strong intermolecular bonds are more likely to be solids.

For a given intermolecular bond strength, the higher the temperature, the more likely the substance will be a gas. The kinetic theory assumes that there is no force of attraction between the particles in a gas. If this assumption were correct, gases would never condense to form liquids and solids at low temperatures. In the Dutch physicist Johannes van der Waals derived an equation that not only included the force of attraction between gas particles but also corrected for the fact that the volume of these particles becomes a significant fraction of the total volume of the gas at high pressures.

The van der Waals equation is used today to give a better fit to the experimental data of real gases than can be obtained with the ideal gas equation. But that wasn't van der Waals's goal. He was trying to develop a model that would explain the behavior of liquids by including terms that reflected the size of the atoms or molecules in the liquid and the strength of the bonds between these atoms or molecules.

The weak intermolecular bonds in liquids and solids are therefore often called van der Waals forces.

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Dec 17,  · What is the nature of the space between molecules, such as in air in in water? Is it a true vacuum, or is the presence of neutrinos not negligible in considering its properties.

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Intermolecular Force is the force of attraction between the atoms or molecules of a matter. Intermolecular Space: Matter is not continuous it is rather discrete i.e. like space filled with balls.

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intermolecular fo rces are forces that act betweenstable molecules or between functional groups of macromolecules. Answer: Well the key word is molecule. Answer: Well the key word is molecule. A2A Absolutely nothing. Except for vacuum. Well, you'd think that vacuum is nothing, but it plays an important role in Quantum Mechanics. They're the place from where everything like electrons and positrons and protons are made from.

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Intermolecular space is the space between two molecule or atom. In solids it is very little, in liquids is more the solids but less than liquids and in gases its the maximum. Intermolecular forces are forces of attraction or repulsion which act between neighboring particles (atoms, molecules or ions). What happens to the intermolecular spaces when some energy is removed from a gas or liquid it decreases it increases it is not affected or increases and decreases alternatively? By removing energy, what you mean is reducing temperature.